Cellar Budja


Budja cellar is a place for celebrations of groups up to 20 people. It is particularly appropriate for theme parties (birthday parties,…) as it has a special »charm«. There are different thematical feasts (wine theme, beer theme,…).

Room size


Nr of persons

Booking date Price
Additionals Nr of persons Price
Menu 1

Homemade cold meat plate, bread, 0.5 L of draft Union beer or 2 dcl of wine

8,00 € per person
Menu 2

Homemade meat from the slaughter, cabbage and potatoes, 0.5 L of draft Union beer or 2 dcl of wine

14,99 € per person
Menu 3

Homemade sausages, bread, mustard, 0.5 L of draft Union beer

10,00 € per person
Menu 4

Prosciutto, bread, olives, sliced cheese, 2 dcl white or red wine

10,00 € per person

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